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EI In Business

Using emotional intelligence is something that is relatively new; indeed, no-one would have even known the term 30 years ago however now it is fairly widely accepted. However, what actually is it and can it play a major role in the insurance business?Hiring an emotional intelligence (EQ) company to assess and develop your and your employee’s EI skills should certainly be near the top of your to do list. Why? Because it plays a major role in 21st century business both in terms of workplace relations as well as the relationship between the company and the customer.

Let us take insurance as a prime example. Many brands are now trying to emotionalize their product in that they want to make the people who use them think that they cannot do without them; make them feel like they have an attachment to the brand. This can be very useful in an insurance sense because it is a very necessary product and making a customer feel some form of attachment to the service that you provide can go a long way to keeping them in the long term; if they feel safe with having your company protect them then they will keep using your product.

It is also very useful for workplace relations. If an argument starts up between employees then someone with a high EQ can diffuse the situation fairly easily by not allowing their own emotions to get in the way of clear thinking and also recognizing the emotions and feelings of their staff. The good thing about emotional intelligence is that it can be developed over time through training – unlike IQ which is fairly static – so it can be a great platform for developing the skills of your employee’s as well as benefiting your insurance business as a whole.

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