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How To Obtain Work Related Injury Compensation

Unfortunately, many workers are subject to injuries at work every year. A safe and productive working environment is supposed to be ensured by an employer for their employees, as well as specific training on various health and safety measures for them, and the proper equipment to minimize the overall risks involved with the job. In the case that an employer fails to offer this type of protection to their employees, and an accident occurs, the person involved has every right to seek no win no fee accident compensation for their work related accident.

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AIG Suffers Over $2 Billion Loss for 3rd Quarter 2010

The 3rd Quarter of 2010 is looking very bleak for the American International Group, a well known insurance company. It turns out that the group posted more than $2 billion in a loss for this quarter even though it is continuing to repay bail out loans given to it by the government of the United States, write down assets where it can and divest itself of business units, as well. That means a stock price drop of $17.62 for share holders and is far below to $0.68 rise in profits seen during the 3rd Quarter of 2009.

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Elderly Now Going Bankrupt Due to Health Insurance Costs

Critics of the health insurance industry in the United States have been raising the alarm over the status of the elderly in that nation who are finding it harder and harder to cover their basic health care costs. Gone, say consumer advocates, are the days when senior citizens could expect to retire and live out their golden years debt free enjoying the things they always wanted to do but never had time for during their working years. Instead, a rising number of those in America of the age of 65 and older are now declaring something truly shocking to most of their fellow citizens: bankruptcy. It turns out that a recent study from University of Michigan Law School's professor of law, John Pottow, shows that 7% of US bankruptcy filings in 2007 alone were filed by people 65 of older. This is a huge jump from those same numbers in 1991 and it means, says Pottow, that this is the fastest growing segment of the population seeking to declare bankruptcy.

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